Poor Storm Water Management & the Clogged Drainage responsible for Recent Flood in Kerala

Poor Storm Water Management & the Clogged Drainage responsible for Recent Flood in Kerala

by Editor

Heavy rains have battered God’s own country since August 8, more than four hundred deaths were reported across rain-devastated Kerala on with uncountable bodies of the victims seen floating on floodwaters even as rescue and relief operations continued across the state.

Rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth have also contributed to drainage systems getting congested. These drains are not able to take the pressure of huge water accumulated due to heavy rain, leading to waterlogging. Heavy downpours have been disrupting normal life in almost all urban cities in India. Power supply and communication links snapped, shortage of food, potable water and medicines and scores of people awaiting evacuation from affected areas.

The urban floods are entirely manmade with poorly maintained drains, plastic bags, shrinking open spaces and climate change contributing to the accumulation of water on roads after a heavy downpour. Items such as fat and cooking oil, sanitary products, nappies, cotton buds and wipes must always be disposed of in your rubbish bin. The sewer system is only designed to take away water used for washing human waste. Even the sewer pipe is not totally blocked, its ability to drain away is severely affected. During heavy rain, this often leads to water backing up and forcing its way out of the sewer pipe.

You can help to keep your home and the environment safe by not disposing of unsuitable materials down your toilet or sink.

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