Constructivist Co-Founders on Global Stage: SES2023, COP28, and Beyond

Constructivist Co-Founders on Global Stage: SES2023, COP28, and Beyond

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SES 2023 recognition

In a remarkable feat of recognition, Medha Sharma and Sonam Maheshwari, the visionary co-founders of Constructivist, a pioneering sustainability consultancy, earned their place among the delegates from over 130 countries at the prestigious Student Energy Summit 2023 (SES2023) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Global Recognition at SES2023:

Standing out among a diverse pool of global talent, Sharma and Maheshwari’s commitment to sustainable solutions propelled two of their groundbreaking Ideas into the top 5 in the energy and built environment category. The international stage of SES2023 showcased their innovative spirit and dedication to shaping a more sustainable future.

Bezos Earth Fund Recognition:

The duo’s relentless pursuit of sustainable innovation was further rewarded when their brainchild, the “Comprehensive Energy Management System (CEMS),” secured funding from the Bezos Earth Fund. This financial support is a testament to the potential impact of their revolutionary idea in the realm of energy management.

Ideas Transcending Boundaries:

Constructivist’s impact extended beyond SES2023, with one of their brainchildren, the “Sustainability Launchpad,” finding a practical application at the Y20 G20 India summit. This innovative pilot idea not only garnered attention but also secured a place in the top 5 in the energy and built environment category at SES2023 COP28.

Prime Ministerial Recognition at COP28:

Their journey reached new heights as they participated in COP28 in Dubai, the largest climate conference globally. The significance of their presence was underscored by the recent appearance of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the same event. This convergence of global leaders and visionary sustainability advocates highlighted the urgency and collective effort required to address climate challenges.

Y20Talks: A Catalyst for Change:

Prior to their global exploits, Sharma and Maheshwari organized Y20Talks in collaboration with Y20 India 2023 and ASME ZHCET AMU. This thought-provoking event at Zakir Hussain College of Engineering addressed crucial topics like climate action, renewable energy, and the role of youth in sustainability. The insights from Y20Talks provided a foundation for Constructivist’s global initiatives.

The recognition at SES2023, the financial backing from the Bezos Earth Fund, and the impactful implementation of ideas on the global stage underline Constructivist’s commitment to driving sustainable change. As Sharma and Maheshwari continue to lead the charge, their journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring sustainability enthusiasts worldwide.

Article written by Sonam Maheshwari

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