Polybond LRB Mattress: Thermal Insulation Materials

Polybond LRB Mattress: Thermal Insulation Materials

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Polybond Mineral Wool Insulation

Polybond Insulation Private Limited Established in 1995, it’s one of the largest Mineral Wool Manufacturer Companies in INDIA. ‘Polybond’ Insulation Private Limited specializes in the manufacturing, Exporter and trading of Mineral Wool Thermal Insulation products like Lightly Resin Bonded Mattress / LRB Mattress, Resin Bonded Slabs / RB Slabs, Pre-formed Sectional Pipe Insulation / SPI, Mineral Wool Building Roll and Superfine Loose Mineral Wool. Since its inception, ‘Polybond’ has succeeded in carving a name for it in insulation products and has built a solid client base in the industry. In 2008, as a part of its capacity expansion drive, ‘Polybond’ set up an additional manufacturing facility named ‘Polybond’ Projects Private Limited in Ramada, Durg, Chhattisgarh State, India. In the year 2012 one more manufacturing facility named ‘Polybond’ Rock fibre Private Ltd was added to the fleet.

Polybond’s – LRB Mattress

As of now, the group is having the largest manufacturing capacity in India with an annual production capacity of 32000 MT catering its products and services to various industrial sectors. The first manufacturing unit of the group is situated in the Industrial Area, Bhilai, the second unit is situated in the Industrial Growth Centre, Borai, Durg and the third manufacturing unit of the group is located at Bakal, Rajnandgaon in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. Centrally located in the country and well connected by road, air and rail transport, the group is able to serve clients from all corners of the country within the stipulated time frame in large volumes.

Polybond Mineralwool Lightly Resin Bonded mattresses are made of fine fibres spun from selected rocks melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. The uniform distribution of fibres, the fine diameter of fibre and flexibility are the unique characteristics of ‘Polybond’ Mineralwool Lightly Resin Bonded mattress. The properties are controlled to form mattresses of predetermined density and thickness. The flexibility of the mattress enable it to be applied to curved surfaces & hence are ideal for industrial boiler insulation, hot air duct insulation, tank insulation.

Polybond’s – LRB Mattress


‘Polybond’ Mineralwool LRB mattresses are recommended for use in the thermal insulation of large vessels, boilers, machinery, equipment’s, ducts, flanges, valves and plates operation at high temperatures. These mattresses are exclusively suited for wrapping curved surfaces or for cutting to fit over irregular shapes. Mineral wool LRB mattresses are used for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy, maintain process temperature, provide protection from heat and reduce noise levels. Mineral wool LRB mattresses are used for thermal insulation of large diameter pipe, tanks, boilers, ventilation ducts, Refinery Insulation, ovens, furnace and fire insulation of fire doors.

Standard Availability

  • ‘Polybond’ Mineralwool LRB mattress are available in densities of 80 to 150 kg/m in the size of 1640 x 1220mm and thicknesses are available from 25mm to 100mm.
  • Other sizes are available on request. ‘Polybond’ Introducing LRB rolls of 600mm (width) and covering 4 sqm and 6 sqm.

The units jointly cover a land area of 15 acres, approximately 40% of which is covered built-up area. ‘Polybond’ works units includes process control sections, stores, raw material stockyard, fully equipped laboratories and warehouses.

‘Polybond’ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and its work flare is defined as per ISO guidelines. The group’s essential manufacturing practices are aimed at customer satisfaction include Raw Material Procurement and Testing as per IS Norms, stringent Quality Control checks in in-house Laboratories and Customer Feedback monitored by the entire team.

‘Polybond’ Insulation Private Ltd is a registered member of the Confederation of Indian Industries.

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