Waterless Urinals Technology by Zerodor!

Waterless Urinals Technology by Zerodor!

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There is a situation like a tug of war happening in the minds of people regarding the catastrophic environmental crisis because of reduction of water levels as well as increased amounts of GHG emissions in the atmosphere and the traditional, conventional ways of using the resources which is a habit formed over the years.

Ekam Eco Solutions Private Limited” started its operation in 2013, We are an eminent firm engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Sanitation and related infrastructure Products and Solutions.

What is the problem faced today?

Water scarcity coupled with poor sanitation and hygiene practices is a grave concern faced by people all around the world. Millions of people do not have adequate water for drinking purposes and with a solution to conserve freshwater, 14 or more families can meet their daily requirement for water. According to the data by environmental agencies the average amount of water that is wasted in every flush is calculated to be about 4 litres which unnecessarily goes to drain. Flushes on average are used 5 times a day by a person which makes it 20 litres of freshwater waste by a person in a day

Is there a way out?

This water is restricted from getting wasted can be used for other purposes in organizations or households. Most of the buildings constructed use the solution of recycling as an alternative where greywater is used to flush toilets. There are solutions coming up on the principle of reducing where the product is equipped in a water system.

The use of greywater for flushing reduces the consumption of water by 25-35% and a treatment and storage plant is usually installed at 50,000 to 1 lac INR. But one of the drawbacks registered by the users is the odour of water and initial installation process cost. 

There is another effective technique that cuts on water consumption and offers an odour free solution that uses bacterial cultures to clean away the waste from PeePee. The use of Zerodor products advises the people on some bustling myths where the consumption of water cleans the urine waste flushing it away which on the contrary complicates it as ammonia of urine mixes with water and produces a bad odour. 

Product Description

Benefits and Advantages

  • Biodegradable and removes the cause of odor
  • Suitable for all types Urinals and Troughs, Stainless Steel, Porcelain and Ceramic
  • Prevents blocked traps and pipes. Saves on Water Bills. Cleans and Freshens
  • Contain Odor neutralizing Perfume

Product Design

Waterless Urinals Technology by Zerodor

The Only Solution “Zerodor”

Zerodor is an innovative solution to all the problems including wastage of water, odour issues, hygiene problems and soil conservation. Zerodor can be used in various organizations, hotels, restaurants, households and even submarines and warships. It can be easily installed in more than 75% of the existing urinal systems with a mechanism of perforated cap replacing the orifice section of the existing pan. 

Zerodor by Ekam Eco Solutions is a one-stop destination for the green initiative for the present scenario. Ekam Eco offers easy installation techniques as well as the working procedure for the product. In addition, the company offers a range of Organic Care solutions for bathroom cleaning, flooring, utensils, clothes and other room freshening solutions. Also, it offers sludge care solutions by natural methods where the sludge can be converted to nutrient-rich water in 8-72 hours.

Ekam Eco Solutions is a green initiative startup to reduce water wastage and offer organic cleaning solutions. It is involved in offering technologies for the decomposition and extraction of fertilizers for arresting the pollution in nearby water bodies.

Econaur is the only online platform offering sustainable products used for greener constructions with dealer engagement networks and other added services. Zerodor being a green product is showcased on the website with other brand products under the Ekam Eco page.

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Bio-digester toilets

The human waste which is not treated due to open deification or leaking drainage systems or accumulated sewers causes dreadful disease. The bio-digester toilets are innovated by DRDO in India primarily for the defence personnel serving India in remote locations at very odd weather conditions. Here the requirements were to work in extreme cold. No discharge as there is no sewer, no sewer treatment plants.

At EKAM we found that there is also a need for such technology away from these border areas and also for common people, who do not have access to a safe sanitation place due to similar difficulties.

The anaerobic digestion of the human waste allows exerting only non-harmful non-odorous slurry which can easily be discharged to the fields and in soak pit as manure. These are stand-alone toilet blocks made out of bio-digester tanks and EKAM-MoTo structures.


Growing India requires innovative solutions for upcoming challenges, to imbibe new techniques in place of old traditional ways where zerodor is a solution to create water efficiency in homes and offices. It is a way to achieve the ecological and economic balance in the environment by reducing the usage of water.

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