An Introduction to ‘Zeroflush’

An Introduction to ‘Zeroflush’

by Editor

As per Scientific studies, it is proven Waterless Urinals are five times more hygienic and bacteria free than water flushing Urinals, this is because Urinal is essentially sterile and odorless as it leaves the human body, it reacts only when the urine combines with flushed water and air, that it releases an Ammonia and Urea from urinals which causes bad odor. Also, bacteria and viruses thrive on moist surfaces, water flushing doesn’t kill bacteria or viruses, in fact the mist created by water flushing, actually spreads bacteria &viruses to every surface in the rest room.

Bad odor also enters mainly from existing Urinal waste coupling, it allows the liquid (Water Urinal mixer“) to pass to drain chamber, it also allows to Ammonia, Urea, Carbon-éiioxide gases and bacteria & viruses to enter into the restroom, which is being generated in the drainage chamber Continuously.

As you know  the National Institute for Transforming India presented an alarming picture of India’s looming water crisis.The report found that most states scored below 50 per cent on the index and that 21 cities are likely to run out of groundwater by 2020. If current trends continue, in 20 years an estimated 60 per cent of all India’s aquifers will be at critical or over-exploited levels. Now we to take actions towards water saving. Here NATURE CARE SOLUTIONS  would like to introduce you  the   Waterless Urinals“Zeroflush”& Waterfree Stainless Steel Urinals “Zeroflush‘ Save Pure  Water, No Odors. 

New Urinal Installation we have Complete ”Waterfree Pure Stainless Steel 304 grade Urinal”“Zeroflush'”best advantage with Stainless Steel is, Bacteria free surface, most Hygienic, No maintenance (Just wash once in a day with little water mixed with Vim liquid /handwash soap liquid) most durable, No damage, to breakage, Stays forever, SavePureWater, No Odor.

“Zeroflush”is Registered trademark, Pure Stainless Steel 304 Grade Mechanical devise, converts a conventional/existing water flushing Urinal to Waterless Urinals, allows the Urine to flow into the drain line due to gravitational force, blocks the odor, gases, bacteria & viruses entering the restroom, which makes the Urinal waterless Urinal, Save Water, No odor, less maintenance & better Hygienic rest room, Save Pure Water, No Odor.

No. of
Users in a
No. of times a person uses the restroom(4 times)Water flushed to drain each time 1.5 LitersWater flushed to drain each time Per Month (25 day working)Money going down to drain each month @0.20 per litterCost per waterless urinals (one time investment)
100100 x 4 = 400600 liters pd15000 littersRs 3000/-
Rs 6500 per urinal only one time investment           
300300 x 4 = 12001800 liters pd45000 littersRs 9000/-
500500x 4= 20003000 litters pd75000 littersRs 15000/-
10001000 x 4 = 40006000 litters pd150000 littersRs 30000/-

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