Borewell Recharging by Bore Charger from Urdhvam

Borewell Recharging by Bore Charger from Urdhvam

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Water is life, and we provide life by providing a constant source of clean potable water.

On the issue of potable water, Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has designed a solution called Bore Charger which has all the possible means which helps nature recharge ground-water resources so that humanity in the vicinity has a constant supply of clean and healthy drinking water which additionally can be brought to various uses.

Rainwater Harvesting through Bore well Recharge

Excessive digging of new bore wells and overuse of existing ones has resulted in severe depletion of groundwater levels rendering many bore wells dry.

Recharging the Borewell

Borewell recharging technically focuses on the use of harvested surface water (obtained via rainfall or nearby water bodies) where runoff water begins to pass through a natural filter made up of large and small stones. Then, there is another layer of sand through which water passes and finally, it perforates in the borewell pipe via a fine mesh which is wrapped around the drilled casing pipe. The fine mesh ensures the removal of big and tiny impurities before the water enters the borewell.

Increased water-output:

Bore-wells are recharged using our technique have resulted into increased water-level in the bore wells. Even completely dried bore-wells can also be revived by proper management and utilization of rain water.

Better water-quality:

Reserving of naturally filtered rainwater into the groundwater tables results in a decrease in the proportion of impurities in the water. The bore-well’s water thus loses its hardness with time and toxic minerals such as fluoride are diminished.

The use of locally procured natural materials enables us to deliver the bore-well recharge service at an extremely low cost.


Permanent: Once recharged a bore-well never goes dry. Year after year, underground water-tables and aquifers are replenished thus keeping your bore-well up and running.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer with your bore-well on a farm-land or if your bore-well lies on the site of an industry / farm-house / educational institute or any other urban site. Our technique can be customized to meet your needs.  


Apart from resolving your water-scarcity issue, our bore-well recharge technique also ensures the storage of naturally filtered rainwater in natural water-reservoirs i.e. aquifers and water-tables for use by future generations.

The BoreCharger technology undertakes an “angiography” of borewells, using an underwater camera system and studies the various aquifers underground. Once identified, the device creates perforations in the casing pipe at hydro-geologically appropriate depths using a patented robotic arm, allowing the water from the upper aquifer to enter and store in the deeper ones.

“The additional benefit is that the freshwater from the upper layers enters the comparatively saline bottom aquifer, thus improving the water quality. Thus the water levels increase from about 600 feet to 200 feet and even 50 feet, depending on the rain quantity and recharge potential. The device not only improves the yield of borewells but also increases supply duration by at least two to three months,” he says.

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