Y20Talks 2023: Shaping a Sustainable Future with Constructivist

Y20Talks 2023: Shaping a Sustainable Future with Constructivist

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On November 6, 2023, Zakir Hussain College of Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University buzzed with intellectual energy as Constructivist, in collaboration with Y20 India 2023, orchestrated an impactful event—Y20Talks. this thought-provoking gathering aimed to delve into the vital role of sustainable development in crafting a better future.

Climate Action Urgency:

Prof. M. Muzammil, a prominent figure in environmental studies, sounded the alarm for immediate climate action. He underscored the pivotal role of youth in propelling sustainable change, emphasizing their potential as catalysts for transformative solutions.

Renewable Energy Revolution:

Mr. Manoj Jain, an advocate for green energy, passionately presented renewable energy as the key to achieving 100% green energy targets. Stressing the importance of tailoring plans to regional landscapes, he also highlighted the role of green buildings in this endeavor.

Youth as Climate Advocates:

Dr. S.K. Varshney passionately articulated the significance of youth participation in climate action. His insights emphasized the necessity of incorporating diverse youth perspectives into actionable plans for a sustainable future.

Innovations in HVAC Systems:

Prof. Yaqoob Yasin addressed the critical aspect of energy consumption in buildings, advocating for innovation in HVAC systems. His insights aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint of buildings, a crucial step towards sustainability.

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times:

Ar Glory Srivastava shed light on the sustainable principles embedded in ancient Indian architecture. Drawing inspiration from these age-old practices, Srivastava advocated for a renewed focus on traditional wisdom in contemporary sustainable design.

AI Driving Sustainability:

Medha Sharma explored the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in accelerating sustainability efforts, ranging from monitoring and detection to material selection. Her insights showcased how AI can be a powerful catalyst in the journey towards a sustainable future.

Future of Youth in Sustainability:

Sonam Maheshwari, the moderator of a panel discussion, posed the critical question of how youth from diverse backgrounds can enter sustainability jobs. The discourse delved into avenues and challenges, providing a roadmap for aspiring sustainability enthusiasts.

Moreover, the Sustainability Launchpad, a pilot idea, secured a coveted position in the top 5 in the energy and built environment category at SES2023 COP28. This global recognition speaks volumes about the innovative spirit and collaborative efforts of the team working on this initiative.


Y20Talks 2023 emerged as a crucible of ideas, where experts and youth converged to explore and shape a sustainable future. As the echoes of insightful discussions resonate, the event serves as a beacon guiding us towards a future where sustainable practices are not just embraced but embedded in every facet of our lives.

Article written by Sonam Maheshwari

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