Follow the measures to prevent your home during Monsoon Season

Follow the measures to prevent your home during Monsoon Season

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Do you like rainy season? I have, so I look forward to it every year. As soon as the monsoon knocks, where will I go for a walk, what will I eat, I prepare all these things with my friends. You may also be doing something similar, but along with this there are many such preparations, which people often forget to do before the rainy season. This time we will help you.

So let’s take a tour of your house today to know where and how much preparation is needed before the arrival of monsoon…

After the garden, take care of the outside of the house like this

  • Keep the places around the house and like the drain clean, so that there is no garbage or water accumulating there, otherwise mosquitoes will breed in it.
  • If there are any cracks on the roof or exterior walls of the house, fill them.
  • Apply waterproof paint on the exterior walls of the house.
  • Do not collect junk on the roof, as it will lead to mosquito breeding due to stagnant rain water.

Now let’s go inside the house

  • First of all, place a shoe rack in the verandah or corridor. By doing this you will be able to keep the house clean from inside from mud and water.
  • If there is space, arrange for drying raincoat and umbrella outside the house itself.
  • Remove carpets from all rooms and halls of the house. In the rain, instead of carpet, you can use bamboo or rubber mats. It absorbs water easily and does not spoil due to moisture.

Make the house ready for monsoon from inside

  • Insects are more in this season, so get pest control done at home before rain.
  • Make sure to have cross-ventilation in the house, so that fresh air can come in.
  • Many people plant indoor plants in the house, keep them out of the room in monsoon.
  • If there is more dampness and moisture in the inner walls of the house, then tiles can be installed.
  • Aroma oil candles can be arranged to get rid of the smell of dampness in the bedroom.
  • If you have to paint the house, then get it done before monsoon so that the walls dry easily and there is no risk of dampness.

Kitchen’s most important

  • Clean the kitchen store before monsoon.
  • Store perishable things like salt, jaggery or sugar in an airtight container.
  • To avoid ant getting into the sugar box, put 4-5 cloves in its container.

Tips to take care of furniture in the rain

  • If the floor of the house is wooden, then special care has to be taken in the monsoon. Along with cleaning it daily with a dry cloth, protect it from getting wet.
  • Keep silica gel in your cupboards and drawers to wick away moisture. These are easily available in the market.
  • To prevent rusting of iron furniture, get it painted in advance.
  • Get wax polish on wooden furniture and protect them from getting wet.
  • Clean leather sofa chairs daily with a dry cloth to avoid fungus.

How to take care of clothes in rain

  • Dry the clothes thoroughly in the sun before putting them in the cupboard, so that they do not smell due to moisture.
  • Lay the paper in the cupboard first, then keep clothes on top of it, so that moisture does not get into them.
  • Keep a few tablets of camphor, and naphthalene in the cupboard, it will absorb moisture and keep your clothes safe.
  • During the rainy season, there is a problem of a small insect called silverfish in the cupboard. To avoid this, keep some neem leaves in the cupboard.
  • Put some cloves in the middle of the clothes. These also protect clothing from silverfish.
  • When coming from outside, wash the stained clothes immediately, otherwise, they can be difficult to get rid of.
  • If the fabric gets rusty, wash it with oxalic acid. This will remove the stain easily.
  • Keep the clothes closed in the suitcase or divan in the sun before the rain.
  • Dry the bedding and thick curtains in the sun before the rain starts.

These days it is also necessary to protect the house from mosquitoes and flies.

  • Change all the water in the cooler once a week.
  • Dengue mosquitoes breed in clean water, so keep the water tank tightly closed.
  • Mosquitoes can be prevented from entering the house by putting fine mesh on the windows and doors.
  • Use things like creams, sprays, mats, and coils to repel and kill mosquitoes.
  • Empty the utensil completely every day to feed the birds, fill it again with water only after drying it.
  • Spray mosquito repellent once a week. Sprinkle it on photo frames, curtains, behind calendars, store rooms, and all corners of the house.
  • While spraying the medicine, definitely tie a cloth over your mouth and nose. Also, keep all food items covered.

Now let’s know how to take care of electronics in this season

  • Check the wiring before the rain, if there is any wire torn, then get it repaired.
  • Check the earthing of all the plug points in the house, so that there is no fear of electrocution in the rain.
  • Walls have a lot of moisture these days, so keep electronic items away from the wall.
  • Keep the silica pouch near a home theater or plasma TV.
  • To protect electronic items like mobiles, cameras, or laptops from moisture, keep them in zip pack pouches after use.
  • For the safety of TV, phone, fridge, etc., un-plug it during strong storms or lightning.
  • If water gets into the mobile phone, take out its battery and do not use it until it is dry.
  • Cover all electrical connections outside the house properly.

Know even the smallest important things on the go

Doormat: Keep a doormat at the door, a rubber mat is a better option in this season.

Footwear: There is a risk of slipping and falling in the rain, so it is better to wear rainy footwear.

Shoe-rack : In monsoon, keep shoe rack outside the main door. Due to this, both dirt and moisture will not come inside the house.

Rain Protection: Keep last year’s umbrella, raincoat, rubber shoes and rain jacket in the cupboard or diwan and check them out.

School Bag: Always keep a large polythene bag in the children’s bag, so that they can use it when needed.

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