Neoperl: Pioneering Innovation for Sustainable Water Solutions

Neoperl: Pioneering Innovation for Sustainable Water Solutions

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Discover the cutting-edge world of Neoperl, a leading force in revolutionizing indoor water experiences. From shaping water streams to regulating flow and enhancing water quality, Neoperl is at the forefront of sustainable water solutions.

Innovation Beyond Boundaries:

Neoperl’s products, often unseen but widely used, contribute to the conservation of our planet’s most vital resource—drinking water. These innovations shape, regulate, filter, protect, and distribute water, promoting responsible and efficient water usage.

Key Product Groups:

Aerators: Shape water streams with efficiency.
Flow Regulators: Ensure constant flow regardless of pressure fluctuations.
Check Valves (Backflow Prevention): Safeguard against unwanted backflow.
Hoses and Connections: Versatile solutions for various applications.
Diverters: Seamlessly switch flow between outlets.
FSG Controls: Enable new faucet operation methods.
Accessories: A broad portfolio including swivel adapters, reductions, and installation tools.

Water-Saving Technologies:

Neoperl’s commitment to water and energy conservation is evident in products with integrated flow regulators, saving up to 50% water in washbasins and showers. This not only reduces water consumption but also contributes to energy efficiency.

Watertrain®: A stand-alone waterway for faucets, simplifying water flow management.
ZERO Aerator Housing: A sustainable choice with a low environmental footprint.
Awards: Recognition for significant contributions to resource efficiency and environmental protection.

Recent Innovations and Achievements:

Global Reach:

With 1800 employees in 17 countries, Neoperl is a global leader in innovative drinking water solutions. The company’s reach extends to faucet manufacturers, technical OEM customers, and trades worldwide.

Meet Neoperl:

Explore more about Neoperl’s commitment to quality, production processes, and services. Learn about the company’s ethos and dedication to delivering sustainable water solutions.

Catch Neoperl at various trade shows and events worldwide, where you can witness firsthand the latest innovations and engage with the team.

Join Us at Events:

Regulatory Compliance:

Neoperl products meet international standards for faucets, ensuring quality, hygiene, and compliance with global regulations.

Neoperl’s journey revolves around innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to shaping a water-efficient future. Explore the diverse product range, witness recent achievements, and join the global community focused on responsible water usage.

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