Innovation in Piping Systems: The KiTEC Composite Pipe Revolution

Innovation in Piping Systems: The KiTEC Composite Pipe Revolution

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Evolution of KiTEC Composite Pipe System:

Since its inception, KiTEC has been at the forefront of multilayer pipe technology in India. From its initial size of 20-25 mm OD, the company has expanded its product range to include sizes up to 110 mm OD. This growth has been accompanied by continuous advancements in joining techniques, ensuring that KiTEC-CPS meets the dynamic requirements of the market.

The KiTEC pipe stands out due to its special polyethylene grade, combining hygienic, non-toxic, and smooth properties. The impermeable aluminum layer in the middle provides the pipe with the advantages of both metal and plastic, overcoming the weaknesses associated with each material. This innovative composition contributes to the pipes’ long service life and excellent quality.

Diverse Applications:

KiTEC-CPS has found widespread application in various fields, including potable water systems, compressed air systems, gas distribution systems, and other small-diameter piping systems. The versatility of KiTEC pipes positions them as a reliable choice for a range of applications, showcasing their adaptability and durability.

Comprehensive Product Range:

In addition to its composite piping system, KiTEC also offers a compatible series of fittings and tools. These components, designed with intelligence and precision, enhance the flexibility of the KiTEC piping system, making it adaptable to diverse environments and meeting the unique needs of customers.

Innovative PVC Pipes:

KiTEC’s commitment to innovation extends beyond composite pipes. The company introduced PVC pipes and fittings in jet black color, setting a global precedent. With the incorporation of carbon black and UV stabilizers, these pipes not only exhibit aesthetic appeal but also demonstrate KiTEC’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the industry.

Expansion into PE Pipes:

To meet the evolving requirements of total water supply systems, KiTEC expanded its product range to include PE pipes up to 160 mm OD. This strategic move showcases the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for water distribution.

End Preparation for Jointing:

KiTEC emphasizes the importance of proper end preparation for jointing its pipes. The use of KiTEC tools ensures burr-free cutting, essential for achieving the right angle. Rounding and chamfering of pipe ends are highlighted as crucial steps, ensuring perfect sealing and protection of internal sealing fittings.

KiTEC Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. has played a pivotal role in shaping the piping industry in India through its commitment to innovation and quality. The KiTEC Composite Pipe System stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to providing reliable, efficient, and durable solutions for diverse applications. As the industry continues to evolve, KiTEC remains at the forefront, contributing to the advancement of piping technology in India and beyond.

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