Aura Synergy: False Ceiling and Wall Paneling

Aura Synergy: False Ceiling and Wall Paneling

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GRIDSQUARE® Metal false ceilings and wall panelling are an excellent sustainable solution that promotes a green and eco-friendly environment while significantly reducing carbon footprint. We manufacture superior quality MADE IN INDIA GRIDSQUARE® False ceiling systems, comprising of Anti-microbial & Acoustical Mineral Fibre, Metal False Ceiling with options of Aluminum, GI steel, Stainless Steel, Calcium Silicate Ceiling and many more various ceilings which has also been approved & certified from GRIHA V.2015 criterion: 11 & GRIHA V.3 criterion: 29, IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), Noise Reduction Coefficient and Fire Resistance. These ceilings are made from recycled and recyclable materials, making them a highly sustainable choice. By utilizing recycled metal, the demand for new raw materials is reduced, resulting in conservation of natural resources. Additionally, the recyclability of metal false ceilings ensures that they can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their lifecycle, minimizing waste and further reducing environmental impact.  


Our products cover an array of contract solutions, including innovative systems for acoustical and metal ceilings. We are continually testing, seeking & customising new concepts and products that enable us to meet ever-more-demanding standards of performance. 

Some of the features which make GRIDSQUARE® a prudent choice for any Building. 

  • GridSquare® Ceilings have Antimicrobial properties and are VOC free, which further fulfills   the cleanliness and hygiene requirements of the   premises. 
  • GridSquare® Ceilings are fire resistant and comply with the requirements of BS 476: Part 4, 20 & 22 (2-Hour rating) & which makes them quintessential to the any site. 
  • Also, GridSquare® tiles are waterproof & resistant to moisture, mold, crack or damage. 
  • Gridsquare® is a planet-friendly green product certified by GRIHA & IGBC. 
  • Gridsquare®  is manufactured in India, resulting in reduced carbon footprint 
  • GridSquare® metal ceilings holds certifications as per IS AND BIS CODES (IS: 6745/ IS:    6012/IS: 8225 etc.), suitable to Indian standards tested & certified by reputed Labs. 
  • We at GridSquare® offer both supply & installation services which no other international brand offers. Thus, giving us a chance to install adroitly and efficiently. 
  • GridSquare® is an Indigenous brand. 

Furthermore, GRIDSQUARE metal false ceilings and wall panelling offer energy efficiency benefits. They have excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to maintain optimal indoor temperatures and

reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling. This energy efficiency translates into lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. 

In terms of installation, GRIDSQUARE metal false ceilings are lightweight, which means less energy is required for transportation and handling. This not only reduces fuel consumption but also minimizes the associated emissions. Moreover, GRIDSQUARE metal false ceilings have a long lifespan, requiring minimal maintenance and replacement. This durability ensures that resources are utilized efficiently over an extended period, leading to a decrease in overall environmental impact. 

Overall, GRIDSQUARE metal false ceilings represent a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Their use contributes to a greener future by conserving resources, reducing waste, lowering energy consumption, and mitigating carbon emissions. By embracing metal false ceilings, individuals and organizations can actively participate in building a more sustainable and eco-conscious world. 

GridSquare’s commitment to sustainability and responsible delivery is evidenced by our continuous approach towards environmental concerns, supply chain management & customer satisfaction goals. 

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