Ecological toilet system by Aquatron

Ecological toilet system by Aquatron

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Aquatron is the ecological system with fresh and easy composting for those who still want the Comfort and Hygiene of a regular water flushing toilet.
Our system fits from the small holiday home to public buildings. Company is well proven and loved for over 30 years. The company works with the aim of promoting the sustainability through 3 R i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

This product by Aquatrone is proven as a very effective tool through helping in optimum utilization of water and waste. It can connect up to 25 toilets which means that the product is very affordable for everyone.

What does the system/product do?

1.) System/product prevents the formation of sludge by separating faecal solids from flushing water thus making the toilet system as ecological.
2.)The separation process is based on 3 natural principles:- Momentum of flushing water, centrifugal force, and gravity.
3.)The process does not involve mechanical moving parts, electricity or chemicals.

Aquatron can handle peak loads(upto 60ltr/second).

What happens to liquids:-

1.)98% of liquid is separated immediately.
2.)2% falls into bio-chamber with faecal solids and is filtered through a special mat.
3.)Separated flushing water & urine can be mixed with kitchen, bath and washing water.
4.)Separated liquids are directly reusable for gardening.

What happens to solids:-

1.)Facecal matter, paper and other solid objects falls into the bio chamber.
2.)Natural bacteria consume and convert upto 95% of the matter into carbon dioxide.
3.)The end product wil be a small scoop of hygienic, odorless manure.
4.)The need to empty the bio chamber and handle compost is reduced to a minimum.
5.)There are no insects or unpleasnt odours around the dry bio chamber.


  • Reduces power consumption as 50-75% savings could be achieved on power consumption since sludge pumps could be decommissioned and aeration can be reduced.
  • Provides with good water quality for reuse as Inlet BOD reduced by 50% to approx 80 mg/ltr due to instant solid removal- PCB standard treated water quality achieved.

Installation Guide:-

Aquatron can be placed anywhere within 60 metres (200 feet) from the furthest toilet.
Upto 25 toilets can be connected to a single Aquatron.
There are only few simple guidelines for installation and plumbing:

  • 1-2% slope in pipes leading to Aquatron
  • 5%slopes in the last 1 meter.
  • No manholes.
  • No 90 degree bends or Ts
  • 45 degree bends and Ys

Technical Specifications:-

MaterialRecyclable polyethylene and glass-reinforced polyester
SizeApprox 600mm * 500mm * 500mm
Inlet Data110 mm
Outlet Data110 mm
Lifespanatleast 50 years
Power consumptionnone for primary treatment of sludge with aquatron
Toilets to be usednormal flush toilets. Upto 25 toilets can be connected to one Aquatron.

Operations and Maintenance:-

Operating and maintaining Aquatron is very simple and no specialist operator is needed.
Recommended maintenance:
Weekly or bi weekly: Visual check of composting in bio chamber.
In case of excess wetness in bio chamber : Add sawdust, dried leaves or the like.

Comparison Between Aquatron STP and Conventional STP

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