VAAYU COMFORT:- The Advanced Air Cooling System

VAAYU COMFORT:- The Advanced Air Cooling System

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Vaayu Air Cooling Technology:

‘Vaayu’ is a Patented Hybrid Chiller that combines the technology of Air Conditioners and Coolers to give high cooling efficiency like Air Conditioners but at the running cost of Air Coolers. Vaayu Hybrid Chillers deliver a temperature of 24 to 26 Degree Celsius when the ambient temperature is 30 to 42 Degree Celsius or even more.

The power consumption of the machine is only 250 Watts/ Hour as compared to 2500 Watts / Hour of an Air Conditioner. Hence, with Vaayu technology, the power consumption saving is almost 80-85% as compared to a similar tonnage AC.

Vaayu believes in constant innovation and promotes products that are Green in nature and are cost-effective. We are the manufacturers of a unique air cooling system patented by the name – Vaayu, a hybrid cooling technology popularly named Compressor Coolers. The compressor-based innovative technology is used in this cooling system.

Eco-Frindely Green Solutions:

Vaayu saves up to 90% of electricity as compared to any other similar cooling machine, this feature gives Vaayu the best operational economy which will make Vaayu popular with Indian Consumers.

Environment-Friendly Green TechnologyThis machine is an Environment-friendly machine as it contains Eco-friendly components and refrigerant gas. A low energy consumption feature makes this machine a good green product. Vaayu is a machine that in spite of using a refrigeration cycle does not emit heat in the environment.

Benefits of Using Vaayu Air Conditioners

  • Reduces Power Consumption up to 85% as compared to similar tonnage AC.
  • Does not Emit Heat in the Environment
  • Reduces Water Consumption as compared to Air Coolers
  • Provides Instant Cooling during High Ambient temperatures
  • Healthy Solution as it induces Fresh Air in the room
  • Reduces High Maintenance Cost of AC


  • Factories 
  • Hotels 
  • Banquet
  • Bunglows
  • Mess
  • Restaurants

Technical Specification

  • Cooling Area 200 sq.ft.
  • Heavy Body
  • Double Side Powder Coated
  • Pump Protection
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Cordless Remote Controller
  • Inverter/ Solar Compatible
  • Honeycomb Pads
  • Dust Filters
  • Acoustic Design for Lower Sound Levels
  • Perfect for Commercial/ residential Usage

Vaayu Air Cooling Technology uses natural Air for cooling comfort and avoids using any dangerous Chemicals or Gases harmful to the environment.

  • CFC-FREE: CFC Free colling enviroment
  • HIGH EER: high air quaility
  • GREEN: Uses Green Technology in cooling system.

Vaayu Comfort feature

Remote Control: Fully functional remote for maximum convenience.

Monsoon mode: Control’s water pump operation up to 6 levels.

Sleep mode: Automatically adjustable airflow, for a pleasant sleep.

Anti choke net: Net over pumps protects from getting choked.

Pump Protector: In absence of water, the pump gets auto cut off.

Auto Drain: Auto Draining of water through the pump.

Durability: Heavy 18 Gauge Metal Body.

Vaayu Air Cooling System Process

  • As soon as the power is switched on the compresser starts and the refrigerant flows in the cooling coil to chill the water.
  • Chilled water gets circulated on the Pads of the machiine by pumps.
  • Outside hot air comes in contact with chilled water, the molecules present in the hot air loose the temperature and become chilled.
  • Thermostat helps to put the compressor on and off as per the requirement of the watertemperature to be maintained and prevents the compressor from overheatiing.
  • Condenser cools down the refrigerant and helps in dehumidification of excess RH to control the humidity level.
  • Chilled air is pushed inside the area where the unit is installed through a fan of the machine.

Feature of Vaayu Products

  • Unique: Vaayu India is India’s first patented hybrid cooling machine.
  • Saver: The power consumption of the machine is only 250 Watts /Hour for an Air Conditioner. Hence, With Vaayu technology, the power consumption saving is almost 80-85% as compared to a simil AR tonnage AC.
  • Comfort: Vaayu Hybrid Chillers delivers the green temperature of 24-26 Degree Celcius when the ambient temperature is 30 to 42 Degree Celsius or even more.
  • Technology: The patented technology brings an Environment-friendly Green cooling Solution that also saves electricity.
  • Pioneer: This dynamic technology is sure to bring about a new wave in the cooling industry with a monopoly.
  • Hi-Tech: Better indoor air quality, because it uses fresh to chill the inside air.

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