About us

About us

by Editor

The Prakriti Story is an initiative that aims to bring all the sustainability related aspects under one platform. The Prakriti Story is an Branch of Prakriti Group who also Manages ECONAUR.COM – India’s First Integrated Platform for Green Building Solutions.

We intends to provide knowledge & Technology related to sustainability, a guide to sustainable living, a news portal publishing sustainable news & a information on sustainable products & technologies.

The major thing we keep in mind before showcasing any information or product on our platform is that, the product doesn’t have any harmful impact on the environment. As long as the product is sustainable and minimize the harmful effects on the environment, we are always whole-heartedly open to showcase the product.

Even if you want to share any information or post anything related to green building, new sustainable products or about the environment then also we give you a community section where you can share anything related. We too share regular content in our Blog section about new technologies, construction products and news about green building.

Our vision is to promote ideas, technologies, products, architecture ideas & people that propagate sustainable, eco-friendly, need based living. We believe that tiny changes that we make to our lives can add up to form an enormous difference.