Cool Tops – High SRI Roof Coating:- Panache Green

Cool Tops – High SRI Roof Coating:- Panache Green

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Due to rapid urbanization, the global temperature is on the rise & IPCC- an initiative of UNFCCC has warned countries to witness the deadly heat waves & many natural calamities with the rise in the planet’s temperatures by 0.5 degrees also! The intense urbanization is contributing to the development of infrastructure and concrete jungles with elevated surface temperatures up to 70 C high. The urban regions thus experience warmer air temperatures & which contributes to the increased UHI.

Research & studies state the IR radiation component of the Solar power distribution is responsible for heating up the structures. Radiation energy converts into Heat Energy and the temperature of any structure exposed to the Sun is elevated. The use of IR Reflective / High SRI paints & coatings reduces the surface temperatures, stops the heating of the roofs, walls, and pavements controls the heat transmittance indoors, and thus contributes to reducing the indoor and city temperature.

Cool Tops - High SRI Roof Coating:- Panache Green

Technology – IR Reflection Technology

Among all the components of Solar radiation transmitting to earth, almost 58 – 60% of the Solar radiations are of I R Radiations, which get absorbed by the structures and radiation energy converts to Heat Energy heating up materials. The temperature of The Roofs, Walls, Roads, Buildings, industrial sheds, tanks; all built structures (with less reflectivity & emissivity) exposed to the Sun get elevated transmitting the heat indoors and emitting the heat of 60 to 75C in the atmosphere. Any material with high IR Reflective property will help to reflect the IR radiations coming from Sun and STOP heating of the substrate- Roofs/ Walls/ Roads/Non-Roof Areas and reflect the radiations away from a building, reducing the surface temperatures, leading to a reduction in heat ingress indoors and emission of heat in the atmosphere.

IR Reflection Technology – responsible for reflecting precisely the IR wavelength spectrum from the total solar spectrum of Sun radiation. White roofs reflect sunlight, keeping our buildings and cities cooler. For example, a white roof in temperate or tropical regions absorbs about 70% less sunlight than an ordinary roof. White roofs cool the human environment as well as the atmosphere and reduce our need for air conditioning.

  • Cool roof from Panache is a complete system installed for the best of cooling effects.
  • Roof cooling and Insulation from Panache provides with the – Cool Roof – Indoor cooling by reflecting the IR Radiation Reduce the ingress of heat generated by solar radiation.
  • Insulation: Reduce the heat & cold transmittance by controlling the thermal conduction.

Why Cool Roofs?

Increased solar gain, heat stress, hot climatic conditions prevailing through most part of the year, expanding middle class, growing construction sector and increasing per capita income provokes the desperate requirement for thermal comfort and that has obvious visibility in the increased demand of purchase of “thermal comfort” in form of Air Conditioners – the most prominent positive electricity consumer!

A number of international campaigns have recently proposed the use of cool roofs worldwide in order to cope with the summer urban heat island (UHI) effect. In recent studies, many scientists believe that UHI is mainly caused by urbanisation as it can lead to the changing of the landscape from vegetation, sand and water to hard surfaces and building blocks.

COOL TOPS From Panache -The Cool Roof Coating System

Cooler roofs mean a Longer Life of roofs with crack prevention & contribution to indoor cooling! Green Pro Certified Cool Tops – Cool Roof System by Panache is the most simple, efficient, sustainable & economic roof cooling system, providing solar insulation, working on NIR Reflection Technology & Nanotechnology reduces the generation of heat & thus ingress of heat indoors! Cool Tops has the potential to reduce the city temperature by 2 to 3C Adopting Cool Tops is one of the most viable ways to combat Climate Change & Global Warming impact!

Cool Roof by panache is a coating system that is to be applied on any type of substrate that is exposed to solar radiation & the coating reflects the IR Radiation as such & has high emissivity with high SRI or Albedo. Panache has two variants of Cool roof coatings –

Cool Top Eco
● Cool Tops System

Features for Cool Tops System

  • Gives smooth & super finish to the surface.
  • Surface becomes less susceptible to picking up dirt, and is fast and easyto clean.
  • Has good resistance to manysolvents and chemicals.
  • It has enhanced penetration into the substrate and offers better bonding.
  • The system bonds fullyto most substrates, preventing the migration of water.
  • It is having an anti algae & anti moss effect also.
  • Cool Tops stop heating of the roofs .

Cooling Treatment Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Indoor Temperature by Up to 6 to 12 °C
  • Reduce Surface Temp by up to 18 – 20 °C
  • AC consumption reduced by up to 35%
  • Electricity bill cost saving by up to 35%
  • Reduces Heat Island Effect (atmospheric Temp)
  • Minimum life of 2 to 7 years
  • Eco Friendly
  • Breathable & Washable coating

Benefits of Cool Tops System Tangible Benefits

  • Cool Tops provide Optimum required Thermal Comfort.
  • Cool Tops has SRI – 109 ; Reflectivity – 87%; Emissivity – 0.86
  • Cool Tops reduces above decksurface temperature – Cement substrate by 18-20 Deg. C Metal substrate by 20-25 Deg. C.
  • Cool Tops reduce Indoor temperature by up to 4 -8 C
  • Cool Tops has the potential to reduce annual cooling energy use by 5-30% (Levinson et al.2005)
  • Cool Tops Increases Solar Cell Efficiency by 10-25%
  • Cool Tops with a complete system has a minimum life of more than 8 years over other conventional products Intangible Benefits
  • Very Effective on Tin sheds / Asbestos Sheds / Galvanized / Cement Industrial Sheds /Concrete/ IPS / China mosaic etc.
  • Effective on all types of material -metal,wood, Sintex Water Tanks,concrete, RCC, IPC, Bricks.
  • Cool Tops reduces the Process Loss by 20% – 30% (reduction in labour productivity/ product quality deterioration) in the Manufacturing Industries / factories
  • Protects the IPS of roof to develop further cracks by reducing rate of expansion contraction by controlling temp variance
  • Reduces GHG Emissions by upto 20%
  • Increases healthy well being byreducing heat stress.
Roof Coating

Parameters Features

Technical Spcification

  • Application Areas All types of Roofs – Concrete, Metal, Asbestos, China Mosaic, Plaster
  • Application Modes Brush / Roller/ Spray
  • Coverage 120 Sq. ft./ Kg./ coat for normal smooth surface
  • Recommended DFT / Coat 150 microns @ 2 coat
  • No. of coats 2 coats
  • Dry to touch 30 min.
  • Recoating Period Min 2 hours – [ 28 – 30º C & 60 + 5% R.H.]
  • Full Cure Time 9 to 12 hrs. [ 28 – 30º C & 60 + 5% R.H.]
  • VOC contents Nil / Water Base / Pass the green pro requirements
  • Heavy metals Nil/ Pass the green pro requirements
  • Permeability Breathable layer allows water vapor

Cool Top Applications

● Old / New Roofs
● Masonryroofs or facades
● Metal sheets / Asbestos/ Cement roofs
● Rough / smooth / Textured Roofs
● Flat / Slant / Corrugated Roofs

Cool Top Eco


● Cool Top Eco is a single component ready emulsion paint-like coating for the cool roofs, applied as a single product and as a final finishing coat.
● Cool Top Eco is Elastomeric in nature, resisting the expansion-contraction of the substrate.
● Cool Top Eco is UV resistant and makes the application possible with economics.
Cool Top Eco has an Acrylic base with the use of reflective pigments contributing to the SRI Value.
● Cool Top Eco is majorly recommended for DIY use for ease of application.
● Cool Top Eco can be self-primed for better performance

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