Sustainable Story – A Story which Inspires! Story of Panache Green

Sustainable Story – A Story which Inspires! Story of Panache Green

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Many people have claimed to save the environment, sustain nature and save resources, But only some contribute to Sustainable Development for Society. The Prakriti Story is working with the intent to promote Sustainable Products and contribute to developing Green buildings in the Country. So, here we are featuring a Sustainable Success Story of PANACHE GREEN, which is working in “Energy Efficient & Protective Building Enveloping” and providing services such as “Cool without AC Buildings”. Since then, and provided quality based heat reflection & water protecting products and services with an eco-friendly product range.

Mrs Neetu Jain Started Panache Green in the year 2011, when the green building sector was evolving and the people were not aware of that, so took a chance and entered into the Roofing market and worked on making Green Buildings. Keeping the vision of promoting Green innovations, Panache was inspired to build New Buildings in-country, wherein they intended to create 100 sustainable societies, contributing to their long term vision of Creating Cool Green Cities!”

About Product 

Panache Green Solutions is a leader in Cool Roofing solutions & Waterproofing technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies. Having its research & development in-house & having a keen sense of innovation we try to provide value-for-money solutions without compromising the technical integrity of complete ENERGY CONSERVATIVE COATING for all structural constructions & GREEN BUILDINGS; besides Heat, Water repelling & waterproofing systems also is part of our product range that is based on silicone technology, cross-linking technology, nanotechnology & IR Reflection Technology.

Panache has its product & development department with a well-equipped quality assurance laboratory. Panache is primarily involved in manufacturing, marketing & distribution of innovative products – chemical coatings & products for energy conservation & Insulation & building protection, which includes – IR Reflective Coatings, Insulating screed, waterproofing products, Industrial coatings & water-based wood protecting / finishing coatings.

Panache is the pioneer and technically sound in the Cool roof systems. It Modified the Cool roof system to combat the atmospheric conditions & sustain its performance in Indian climatic conditions.

In the conversation with our Representative, the Lady Entrepreneur Mrs Neetu Jain shared her Journey. How did you start working on the idea – “Started working on the idea as a decision due to the circumstances and then attended the conference of IGBC and got the inspiration to develop the complete business on Green products”.

What was your Target sector – “Industries, Green Buildings, gov sector, affordable houses,  retail societies”

Mrs Neetu Jain

Challenges faced during the Journey – “When we started no one was concerned abt cooling all were req waterproofing, testing facilities were not there to prove yr performance & product specs. Unawareness abt the tech and climate sensitivity was the biggest challenge”.

What was the problem which was being targeted –“extreme thermal discomfort, and raise in electricity bills, city temp increase is the main problem which we targeted; cool roof gives drastic thermal comfort & reduces heat stress”.How did it help to eradicate the particular problem – “In factories sheds and houses without AC it makes the temp bearable increasing the thermal comfort, reduces the AC consumption, thus reducing the electricity bills”.

Any support you got from the connected associations – “not initially, now the things are proven and people support” Till now in which regions you have installed your product– “Projects Completed in PAN India” About your team  – “Team is highly motivated & enthusiastic by Guidance of our Chairman – Dr Mittal, Founder – MD – Mrs Neetu Jain, Co-Founder – Mr Brijesh Tiwari, Director – Mr Sharad Jain, Director – Mr Naman Jain and other Supportive Team Members.

Panache Green team

Awards & Recognition for Panache Green :

  • Projects & Products Certified by IGBC
  • Products Green Pro
  • Panache’s innovation has been awarded by Power of Idea awards by Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), IIM Ahmadabad and Economic Times.
  • Panache’s products have been installed in research projects of DOE, US.
  • Panache invited by DOE, US for GSEP
  • Participated in Research project of TARU; “Thermal comfort without AC”. 
  • Participating with Coimbatore Municipality for Energy saving & Temp reduction at city level.
  • Management Vice chairperson for IGBC, Vadodara Chapter.
  • Management participant in Core committee of IGBC.
  • Panache initiated the CSR activity of GCGC Foundation.
  • Management is associated with many dignified organizations – Rotary, BNI, IGBC, CII, VCCI, FGI and many more organizations.

Further Sharing about the Product and Company Mrs Neetu Jain says “Our products are internationally certified for its value system & required parameters.

They are approved for LEED, IGBC & GRIHA specifications. Our Cooling range of products with the application are GREEN PRO approved and many of our other new products are in process of Green Pro, GRIHA Certification. Panache products have been used in commercial buildings, industrial sheds; LEED rated green buildings and households with customers realizing the versatile benefits.

We at Panache believe that our success is our people’s success. We employ people, build a community and extended family around the business! What matters most about our business is that we conduct our business in a way that’s honourable, ethical and empowering to our people and the marketplace.

As a business, we have a platform to create a culture where people can thrive, have a mindset of empowerment, tolerance and community. Leadership is the key.  With a team of empowered leaders aligned with the same vision and mission, we consistently communicate and ensure that we are living up to, we thrive to make the world worth living for generations to come; by developing innovative products & systems for COOL CLEAN GREEN INDIA.”

We wish all the best to the Panache Green team and Neetu Jain and Thanks for your valuable contribution to Society.

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