Promax HVLS Fans by JCB Airtech

Promax HVLS Fans by JCB Airtech

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High-volume low-speed, or HVLS fans, are starting to become energy-saving key equipment in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. They are growing to become a major player in warehouses and factories due to their ability to lower energy costs, increase quality control, and improve air circulation, among other benefits.

Before you choose HVLS fan units, you should know what it is and how it can benefit you. You may be wondering, how does it work? It is a ventilation system that allows heat to escape from homes and businesses, which lower the temperature inside by a comfortable 20 degrees. If you are wondering, why is this better than the regular air conditioner or refrigerant dehumidifier, you should learn the advantages. You can find out what they are below.

What are HVLS fans?

HVLS fans are industrial ceiling fans. They are greater than 7 feet in diameter. Unlike the personal fans you use at home, HVLS fans rely on their size, not speed, to move a large amount of air. HVLS fans produce columns of air, which flow down and horizontally along the floor until the column hits a side wall or another fan that carries it further.

Some HVLS fans have gearbox motors, others are equipped with direct-drive motors. Direct-driven HVLS fans are more cost-efficient than gearbox-driven fans (more on this later).

Cold air entering a home or business is not pleasant. The main purpose is to keep the living space comfortable. If you are having to put up with extremely cold air coming into your home or business, you are likely feeling uncomfortable. When you have the option to simply open the door or turn on the air, this makes life much more comfortable.

With this HVLS unit, you will be able to cut down on your energy bill. You can actually save money on this every month. This is because it takes less energy to run one than an average-sized air conditioning unit. Even though you use less energy, you will actually save money over time because you won’t have to spend money on the energy bill anymore.

Another one of the benefits of using an HVLS unit is the money you will be saving. Depending on the model, you could easily save twenty percent or more on the cost of cooling your home. Just imagine how many energy bills you will be reduced in a short period of time. Wouldn’t it be great? You will have more money in your pocket and you will not be spending it on electricity.

The third benefit is even more interesting. It has to do with the environment. When you cool a house, the environment is kept comfortable. When you heat up a house, you release all kinds of harmful gases into the atmosphere. This is not what you want to happen.

The fourth benefit is one that most people would appreciate. Heat will keep your house cooler during the summer months. When you use an HVLS fan, the air will stay hot and you won’t have to worry about kicking up your air conditioning during the summer. During the winter months, the air will be cooler but there is no need to turn on the AC. Your house will always remain at a comfortable temperature.


For distributing high volume of air in large spaces, creating a gentle air movement. The fan enables a perceived temperature to be cooler by 4o to 6o Celsius under standard conditions. Replaces multiple wall-mounted fans, and reduces the operating costs up to 80% when compared with other fans.

  1. Maximum Coverage Area
  2. Higher Energy Efficiency
  3. Variable speed and airflow control

How JCB’S Promax HVLS fans are designed to make a difference!

Hot, humid, uncomfortable environments can impact productivity. Gentle air movement adds freshness and energy. It can reduce the fatigue and exhaustion felt by people. We understand the issues of such spaces. We hold experience of designing and delivering products that are best in class. Every component in the product has been designed and manufactured for excellence. The German make IE3 motor, the heart of our every HVLS fan gives unmatched performance. Our tremendous research at the backend helped derive a specialized blade, with an angle enabling exceptional air distribution. We have enhanced the user experience with a control panel and a touch screen. Our fans are enabled with the VFD for speed control.

HVLS fans easily replace multiple standard overhead or pedestal fans which consume higher energy. These fans are cost-effective cooling solutions that enhance the comfort and productivity of occupants. In industries, railway stations, commercial complexes, temples/churches/mosques, large areas, auditoriums, warehouses, airports, etc. these fans distribute the air with a gentle movement. Facilities under upgrade can often adapt to HVLS Fans.

They distribute air up to 29000 sq. ft. corner to corner. HVLS Fan reduces running costs up to 80% when compared to other fans & payback in 6 months.

JCB Air Tech’s HVLS fans are one of the best in class, energy efficient, and require low maintenance. The Germans make motor making them highly efficient. While the feature of speed control makes them very user-friendly. The inbuilt safety standards in these fans are of level next. JCB’s forward-looking approach has made the future of the product ready.

Although there are some benefits of using an HVLS fan, it is certainly not the only way to cool your home. There are other technologies that are much better. You should look at them and consider which ones will work best for your needs.

First of all, there is the air conditioner. If you can afford one, then you might want to go with this option. However, they can be extremely expensive.

Second, you can buy a swamp cooler. These work on the same principles, only they have an enclosed area where you place your box. They are less expensive and they are easier to move around. They are much better for the environment because they use less electricity. Some of them even run on solar power! They are just as efficient as the HVLS air conditioner and they keep the temperatures at a constant level so that your home stays nice and cool.

HVLS fans are an effective solution to your ventilation and air quality pitfalls. They will lower your high heating and cooling bills, decrease your energy usage, create a comfortable environment for your employees increase their productivity levels, and fulfill the need for better ventilation. 

Those are the main benefits of using his fan. They are cheap and efficient. They keep your premises at a constant temperature. They are safer than other cooling systems. If you want to find out more about this type of home cooling system, then do a search online.

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