Transforming Building Materials with AgriBioPanels by Strawcture Eco

Transforming Building Materials with AgriBioPanels by Strawcture Eco

by Editor
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Panels

Strawcture Eco, founded by Ms. Shriti Pandey, a Civil Engineer with a vision to revolutionize the construction industry, introduces a sustainable approach to building materials. The company aims to utilize agricultural residue, particularly straw, as the primary resource for producing AgriBioPanels.

Product Innovation – AgriBioPanels: AgriBioPanels are compressed agri-fiber green panels, incorporating over 90% straw and a proprietary binding adhesive. With cutting-edge research in agri-fiber compression and a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup, the panels come in various grades and thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 35mm. These panels serve as an eco-friendly, durable, and resilient alternative to conventional building materials.

Features and Benefits:

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: AgriBioPanels are derived from agricultural waste, primarily straw, and are environmentally conscious with a negative carbon footprint, zero water usage, and low VOC emissions.

Performance: These panels offer high fire resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation, termite resistance, and moisture proofing, catering to various construction needs.

Applications: From drywall and false ceilings to mezzanine flooring, doors, and furniture panels, AgriBioPanels offer versatile applications in construction, enhancing durability and sustainability.

Impact and Advantages:

Sustainable Construction: Using AgriBioPanels accelerates construction by 30-40%, significantly reducing deadload while promoting a circular economy by repurposing agricultural waste.

Carbon Reduction: The usage of these panels positively impacts LEED and GRIHA scores, aligning with green building certification programs due to their sustainable and eco-friendly nature.


Strawcture Eco’s AgriBioPanels symbolize a paradigm shift in the construction industry, transforming agricultural waste into high-performance, sustainable building materials. The company’s commitment to sustainability, durability, and innovation has the potential to revolutionize construction practices, providing eco-friendly solutions while significantly reducing environmental impact.Check your carbon reduction impact by adopting AgriBioPanels, an innovative solution that leads to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future in construction.