Super Q Series Ceiling Fans – Ultra-efficient ceiling fans with Q flow technology

Super Q Series Ceiling Fans – Ultra-efficient ceiling fans with Q flow technology

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The primary objective of a ceiling fan is to offer thermal comfort to the occupant. The effectiveness of a ceiling fan is the measure of its thermal comfort and its other aspects like efficiency, durability, noise limit, wellness, local influence, value, environmental impact.  typically, ceiling fans are categorised as high-speed fans because they move a smaller volume of air at higher speeds (350 RPM) to deliver the desired airflow. The increased pressure of high-speed air from high-speed fans is known to cause health discomforts like muscle stiffness, dry eyes, nasal dryness. etc. when you sleep or sit under it for a longer duration.

Super Q ceiling fan, with its unique Q flow technology blade shape, moves more volume of uniform healthy airflow at lower speeds and pressures, offering desired thermal comfort.

The challenge was to deliver high airflow at a lower pressure which required moving large volumes of air at low speed (RPM). Super Q blade shape does exactly that! This novel shape improved the efficiency by 50% reduced the ceiling fan noise by half, and offered healthier thermal comfort.

Super Q Series Ceiling Fans

Super Q series utilizes Superfan innovative Q-flow technology in the shape of the blades, which delivers uniform airflow along the length of the blades, which achieves desired comfort at lower RPM. This feature significantly reduces the noise during the operation, produces optimal healthy airspeeds that eliminate nasal dryness and muscle stiffness. The combination of Q-flow technology with Superfan BLDC motor resulted in higher overall efficiency than any other fans in the segment. Super Q is a family of fans ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches that cater to all rooms in your home.

BLDC technology in ceiling fans is the latest in India, which led to Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans. There are at least 27 manufacturers of BLDC ceiling fans with lofty claims like most efficient energy efficient ceiling fans in India/World, highest air delivery, least power consumption, etc.

These claims are deceptive marketing and a few bad apples who employ these tactics in the industry create a bad name for the entire industry and the technology. This article brings out the fallacy and futility of these marketing claims and their ill effects on the public.

How ceiling fans move air?

A ceiling fan is a simple electrical appliance with blades mounted on a motor that rotates the blades to push the air and create airflow. The airflow from ceiling fans is measured in Cubic Meter Per Minute (CMM). The airflow has two components, the volume of air moved and the speed at which that volume of air moves. Fan designers vary the two components to make fans suitable for different applications with the same airflow.


  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices


Thermal comfort: Superfan offers the Super Q fan with patented energy-efficient BLDC motor design and Q flow blade design technology that claims to be the ceiling fan offering the optimal thermal comfort right now in the market. 

Efficiency: Super Q fan comes with the most energy-efficient BLDC motor design which is independently validated, contributes the best savings to electricity bills. Its heat emission and power factor electricity wastage also seem to be the most minimal compared to other BLDC ceiling fans. 

Durability: All Superfan BLDC ceiling fan models including Super Q offers 5 years of warranty since Superfan is confident with the reliability of the patented BLDC ceiling fan design. Superfan was the first ceiling fan in India to introduce a 5-year warranty. 


Wellness: Superfan offers both high speed and high flow ceiling fans, letting the consumers choose the right fan for their use. 

Eco-friendliness: Eco-friendliness of Superfan extends beyond its product. Superfan constantly strives to reduce the carbon footprints throughout its product life cycle by eco-friendly infrastructure, eco-conscious manufacturing, and plastic-free packaging. 

Value: BLDC ceilings fans of Superfan are an investment for its customers in terms of money as the initial cost is paid back in electricity bill savings. The additional value of being an Indian product, environmentally friendly, higher warranty makes it one of the best values among other ceiling fans. 

Technical Specifications

Span (mm)24″
Typical speed (RPM)420320280270220200
Typical input power(Watts)202525353035
Air Flow (m3/min)120150210260300330
Service Value
Rated Supply230Vac (48Hz-52Hz)
Power factor>0.9
  • First Super Energy efficient ceiling (BLDC) fan
  • First remote integrated ceiling fan
  • First commercial fan with service value > 6.0
  • First fan with wide operating voltage (90 – 300V)
  • First sensor-less BLDC design
  • First regulator operated BLDC fan.

Superfan’s Super Q from Versa Drives is an example of such an innovation. SuperQ fan blades are uniquely designed to offer the desired airflow at an optimal rotational speed than a regular fan blade. Superfan BLDC motor design is patented and independently validated for being the most efficient BLDC motor design by experts across the world.

The combination of these two has resulted in a BLDC fan that delivers 230 CMM at 25 W for a 48” ceiling fan. This performance has fetched the ‘Appliance of the Year’ award from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Ministry of Power, India) through the NECA.  The performance of Super Q has been measured at NABL certified laboratory. The lab reports can be found here.


  • Voluminous airflow – Q flow technology
  • Widespread air flowQuieter operation
  • Floating blade design
  • Topological continuity

Here are few examples of how Superfan is making a difference: 

Eco-friendly packaging 

The packaging of Superfan ceiling fans is without plastics such as bubble wrap, covers, bags, Thermo col, and cellophane. Other ceiling fan brands use 350 grams of plastics. Superfan uses cloth, cardboard boxes, and packaging paper. 

Eco-friendly infrastructure 

Superfan factory buildings are built with reusable bricks needed less sand, cement, and water during construction. The architectural design features numerous passive space cooling and lighting design elements that eliminated the need for air conditioners and reduced the need for ceiling fans and artificial lighting. The Superfan factory has the least possible impact on the local flora and fauna; the surrounding vegetation is left to grow naturally and supplemented with indigenous species. Because of this minimal impact, about 50 species of birds and small animals still use this space as their habitat.   

Reusable packaging 

Superfan product packaging is famous among the sellers and loyal consumers for its lack of plastics and completely recyclable design. This focus on packaging extends to the manufacturing process as well. The component packaging from the suppliers is reusable or recyclable, which saves energy and waste during the manufacturing process. 

Energy-efficient manufacturing 

A superfan has a few innovations in BLDC ceiling fan manufacturing that has increased the efficiency in manufacturing. Even these innovations stemmed from the core principle of eco-friendliness. One of the messier processes of producing BLDC ceiling fans was assembling and securing the magnets in the motor. Earlier, it required adhesives that emit harmful fumes and a longer curing time. Superfan devised a novel method of securing the magnets mechanically by eliminating hazardous chemicals and curing time. The efficient product design employs semi-manual processes to minimize the energy consumption in manufacturing. 

Sustainable sourcing 

The raw materials of Superfan BLDC ceiling fans are procured mostly from suppliers around Coimbatore and in India. The intent of the practice is to grow the local business ecosystem and to minimize environmental impact from the transport.   

Extending the use of raw materials  

Superfan was the first in the Indian ceiling fan industry to offer a 5-year warranty due to its confidence in its product design, reliability, and repairability. 

The design of Superfan ceiling fans is reliable and easily repairable by consumers, which extends the life span of the product. This product life extension maximizes the energy spent on raw material processing, product manufacturing, and all other related processes. In the long run, this avoids significant environmental impact.

Longer warranty

Superfan anticipated the potential wariness of consumers to try new technology. To relieve the worry, Superfan turned their confidence in the reliability of its design to deliver value for consumers by offering a 5-year warranty. This is significant as many popular ceiling fan brands still offer a lower warranty period for their fans.

Why BLDC ceiling fans are the best for this combination solution? 

Lower energy consumption

The energy consumed by BLDC ceiling fans is comparatively lower than AC’s and regular AC induction ceiling fans. Energy-efficient ceiling fans consume 35 W or lesser, while other space cooling systems consume more than 80 W.   Superfan being the technology leader of the Indian ceiling fan industry has the most energy-efficient ceiling fan India that consumes only 25 W, which is significantly better than other BLDC ceiling fans.  At the second speed setting Superfan, the ceiling fan consumes around 7 W compared to 25 W by a regular ceiling fan. 

Less heat generation

BLDC ceiling fans generate 70% less heat than regular ceiling fans with AC induction motors. The excess heat from regular ceiling fans will induce the AC to run longer to lower the temperature. 

Money savings

Energy-efficient BLDC ceiling fans can contribute to more savings in the combination solution.  

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