Choosing the right sustainable door for our homes !

Choosing the right sustainable door for our homes !

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Sustainable Door Most of us think all doors are created equal, but this is one completely wrong notion as they are definitely not. When you start planning the interiors of your new home, you will discover that there are so many types of doors to pick from. When in the process of selecting, the first thing that comes to mind is the material i.e. do you want a glass door or a wood door? then comes the style; do you wish to go paneled, French, or maybe Dutch. While the choices are endless and baffling, there are few common designs that you can consider. Here we break down the 7 common types of doors for your home.

Types Of Doors – 7 Common Designs

Below listed are 7 types of doors based on their materials:

1. Wooden or Timber Doors

This is a go-to door. Wood or timber as a material are the pillars for door/window construction. Regional accessibility of the product and the ease with which it can be used by the regional carpenters are the primary benefits of using this material. These days wood is readily available in the market in an assortment of ranges. You would need to choose it based upon the demand for your property and your plan for total spending. They can be utilized for all places in the home, they are best positioned for outside places.

2. Metal Doors

For years, steel or other such metal materials are used in building and construction as strength and sturdiness can be banked upon them. This material is a very strong alternative for outside and interior doors alike. Metal doors can be both solid or hollow and are a great alternative to wood. These can likewise be made in high quality in cold rolled moderate steel, accuracy crafted. They are long enduring and demand minimum upkeep.

3. Glass Doors

Glass doors normally comprise of panels of glass fixed into a wooden frame. Ideally, glass doors cannot be used in the main entrance due to privacy considerations. They can be used in common areas or for the back of the house where views will be most apparent. One area where glass doors absolutely excel is with the amount of Natural light they let in; but again, these are very hard to maintain and more expensive than other types of doors.

4. PVC Doors

Poly Vinyl Chloride is a plastic material very commonly used for making products like pipes, water tanks, fittings, etc. Currently, PVC is extensively being used in the manufacturing of doors. Today a large variety of PVC doors are available in the market, all of which come in diverse colors and designs. The biggest advantage of using these doors is that they are extremely light in weight, termite-proof, moisture resistant, and anti-corrosive. Also, they can be easily installed and fabricated.

5. Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a glass which is drawn into fibrous form and woven into cloth. It is strong, light and non-flammable and has high tensile strength. Fiberglass doors are doors with insanely low upkeep. These are super durable, have high insulation, and are tough to dents. Also, fiberglass doors can be installed with wood panels, can be stained or painted. Above all, they are great options for interiors and exteriors.

6. Aluminum Glazed Doors

Aluminum has been one of the most common materials used in the construction world. A huge number of items like doors, windows, partitions, drape walls and much more… aluminum is one metal that has been put to a large number of uses due to its lightweight.  Aluminum frames for doors have the unique benefit of enduring tough ecological conditions. These frames are not impacted by termites and last for ages.

7. Bamboo-Jute Composite Doors

With a maturity cycle of 3-4 years, bamboo is one of the fastest renewable plants and a great natural resource when compared to other forest hardwoods. This material is a good substitute for wood as it offers great potential for processing it into composites. Laminates made of Bamboo can replace timber in many applications including doors, windows, and their frames, etc. Jute-coir is another great alternative for wood which can be effectively utilized in the manufacturing of doors. Bamboo-jute composite doors have the lead of being water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, termite resistant, eco-friendly, bio-degradable and cost-effective.

Go Sustainable With Doors

While designing the perfect ‘Green Home’ or transforming the one you already own – one thing you would need to focus on is the doors. Green doors play a huge role in the home design as they automatically increase the energy efficiency of a home.

One great thing about opting for the environmentally-conscious movement is that unlike earlier, today there are many different options being developed for those interested in sustainable green materials.

source – Gosmartbricks

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