Green Card – A much-needed vaccine for Green Buildings by Econaur

Green Card – A much-needed vaccine for Green Buildings by Econaur

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Are you aware of the New technology & products that are recently introduced in Green Buildings or Sustainable Buildings? If not then no need to worry because this is something about which people are not much aware of and we are here to guide you more about Sustainable Buildings. Green Building is an innovative concept.

Green Buildings/Sustainable Buildings are made up of materials that do not harm the environment in any way. Proper Waste Management Systems, Energy efficient products, Water Efficient Products, Air Quality products and many more products that all together makes the green building.


There are many reasons for making your building green. Few of them are:-

  1. Help you mitigate your electricity and water consumption bills.

  2. Provides with better quality of the environment at your space.

  3. Access to greater natural daylight.

4. Improves health and well being of inhabitants.

5. Protection of eco system.

It is also noteworthy to see that The Government Of India is also focusing significantly on the concept of Sustainable Buildings and recently allocated a part of the budget to eco-friendly ways of living and green expenditure for sustainable development.

Recently research was also conducted by Econaur on this concept. Econaur is India’s first integrated platform for all the green building solutions.

And it was found that building professionals are facing a huge problem in taking decision on which product to choose for and from where to buy them for constructing the building.
Also the prices of green products are higher hence leading to rising in the cost for making the building green. To overcome this problem, Econaur has recently launched a Green Card.

What is Green Card?

Green Card is a subscription Card with the motive of giving services in the construction and development industry. With the help of Green Card Econaur is aiming to promote the eco-friendly construction and Green Buildings by providing solutions to the Building Industry professionals & Sustainability Enthusiasts to learn more about the same.

Why Green Card?

Climate is changing continuously from the last few years due to different activities which humans are undertaking for their own benefit. WHO and many other organizations have already started giving warnings to get alert and take strict actions to prevent the changing climate otherwise it will become difficult for living organisms to sustain their lives on Earth.

Econaur is very concerned about this and that’s why it has launched Green Card for the same. Econaur also wants to commute the difficulties faced by building professionals in Green Development Industry.

Benefits of Green Card

1.)Get 30 mins free consultancy by 30+ leading brands:-
Green Card will help you connect with the manufacturers of different products only on one platform I.e. Econaur.
Manufacturers will help you by giving the information about the required products by you and will guide you on how to use them.

2.)Get Exclusive Discounts and offers:-
Green Card will help people in construct their Building cost-effective or we can say reducing the cost of the Building.

This will be made possible because Green Card Holders will get extra discounts and offerings on the purchasing of the products from Econaur. Green Card is also coming up with more services soon such as Technical Guidance on innovative products, Exclusive offers on the installation of products at your site, and much more.

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