Elite List of 100 Sustainability Champions of India by Econaur

Elite List of 100 Sustainability Champions of India by Econaur

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Econaur – A Cleantech startup working on Green Building Solutions, Recently they have launched the List of 100 Sustainability champions of India which comprises an Elite list of 100 Green Building Consultants, 100 Green Architects & 100 Sustainable Product Companies of India on 12th October 2022.

There are so many people working in the construction industry but the Community always wants to select the best among them. Nowadays People are seeking awareness and guidance for making their new home Green with qualified Professionals but they don’t know Whom To Approach. Econaur is exactly bringing that to the community, THey have Launched the List of 100 Sustainability Champions of India which comprises Architects, Consultants, and Sustainable Product Innovators respectively. 

1. The 100 Green Architects of India – The architect is one who is primarily responsible for Designing and making a Building, the Green Architects are mainly responsible for making Sustainable and Energy efficient Structures. We have identified the 100 Green Architects of India who are mainly Involved in Making Green & Sustainable Buildings in India and giving a new and authentic (Diversified Indian Culture and climatic fusion) shape to Modern Buildings in India.

2. Elite List of 100 Green Consultants of India – Sustainability Consultants are the Consultants working in the Building Industry and who execute, guide and monitor the execution of an effective Green Building or a Sustainable Building. We have identified the 100 Sustainability Consultants (Green Building Consultants) of India who effectively Contributed in making value-added and many Environment-Friendly buildings in India and will be the ones responsible for Making a Sustainable Futuristic India.

3. Elite List of 100 Sustainable Product Companies of India – Sustainable Building products or Green Building Materials are products that can be made of Sustainable Materials or some are not made of Recyclable Content but their overall contribution is in saving resources and making Energy Efficient Structures. So here we have identified the 100 Companies which are making different Sustainable Products all across India, The list has information on the 100 Companies and their contribution is making the Building Sustainable.

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