Ashwini Vaishnaw Releases Special ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ Cover for World’s First Organic State, Sikkim 

Ashwini Vaishnaw Releases Special ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ Cover for World’s First Organic State, Sikkim 

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First Organic State

In a remarkable tribute to Sikkim, the world’s first organic state, the Union Minister for Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, Ashwini Vaishnaw, unveiled a special postage stamp cover titled ‘Go Green, Go Organic.’ This initiative not only celebrates Sikkim’s outstanding achievement in adopting organic farming practices but also highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture for a greener and healthier future. Let’s delve into the significance of this special cover release and its implications for promoting organic farming on a global scale.

Sikkim’s Organic Revolution:

Sikkim, a small state nestled in the Himalayas, embarked on a pioneering journey in 2003 to convert its entire agricultural land into organic farms. After rigorous efforts and commitment, the state successfully transitioned to 100% organic farming in 2016, becoming the first and only organic state in the world. This remarkable achievement demonstrates Sikkim’s dedication to sustainable agricultural practices, environmental preservation, and the well-being of its citizens. 

The ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ Cover:

The special postage stamp cover released by Ashwini Vaishnaw serves as a symbol of recognition and appreciation for Sikkim’s organic farming revolution. The cover features stunning imagery of Sikkim’s lush green landscapes, showcasing the harmony between nature and agriculture. Through

this initiative, the Indian government aims to raise awareness about the benefits of organic farming and inspire other regions to adopt similar practices.

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture:

The release of the ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ cover not only acknowledges Sikkim’s achievement but also highlights the urgent need to promote sustainable agriculture globally. Organic farming practices prioritize the use of natural inputs, avoid synthetic chemicals, and focus on soil health and biodiversity conservation. By embracing organic farming methods, we can protect the environment, preserve soil fertility, reduce water pollution, and promote healthier food choices. 

Inspiration for the World:

Sikkim’s success story serves as an inspiration for the world, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve sustainable and organic agriculture on a large scale. The ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ cover release aims to showcase Sikkim’s journey and encourage other states and countries to follow suit. By adopting organic farming practices, nations can address the challenges of climate change, food security, and public health while ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.


The unveiling of the ‘Go Green, Go Organic’ cover by Ashwini Vaishnaw is a significant milestone in recognizing Sikkim’s outstanding accomplishment as the world’s first organic state. This initiative not only celebrates Sikkim’s dedication to sustainable


agriculture but also serves as a reminder of the global importance of organic farming practices. By promoting organic farming, we can protect the environment, support rural livelihoods, and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet. Sikkim’s achievement should inspire us all to embrace organic agriculture and strive towards a greener future.

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